the famsIt starts like this: Leah Ariniello has every intention of going to school and becoming a doctor.  Really.  And not just for the reasons her father brings up when he references his buddy, the radiologist. “He drives a Porsche! He spends a couple of hours reading X-rays and then he’s off playing tennis for the rest of the day!”  All that would be nice, really nice, but she also simply likes science and the investigative nature of medicine.

In college, the first pre-med biology classes turn out to be right up “Dr.” Ariniello’s alley. Then, however, there is physics. There is calculus.  There is statistics. There is headache after headache.

Enter, savior.  A college professor raves over an essay Leah writes for an English class about tanning on Revere Beach, near Boston (cue accent) where she grew up.  She urges Leah to consider journalism as a major and to Leah’s own surprise she ends up earning a journalism degree, with a pre-med concentration, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as well as a master’s in science journalism from Boston University.

For the past 15 years Leah has been writing about health and science topics.  Now that she’s a mom, she reports on family life as well.  Leah has written for a number of media outlets, including The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The New York Times’ parenting blog, Motherlode, as well as non-profits, such as The Society for Neuroscience and the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical School. In addition, she writes the column, Follow the Leader, for Bethesda Magazine, a regional publication based in Maryland where she lives with her husband and two children.

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